Thursday, 13 September 2018 10:12

MEDIA RELEASE: Catapult Sports, Shaun Holthouse joins Minifab board

Minifab is delighted at the calibre of this new board appointment. Mr Holthouse is well known for his amazing success as founder of performance technology company Catapult Sports. Since its launch in 2006 he has grown the business into a global company of more than 200 employees with a market capitalisation of over $325 million.

At a time when there was little market interest in professional wearable technology, Mr Holthouse pioneered the introduction of micro-engineered telemetry products for team sports. The breakthrough allowed, for the first time, sporting teams to track and analyse individual movement, enabling tactical decisions to be made based on empirical data.

Mr Holthouse’s experience with sports technology is a close parallel to Minifab’s core business of helping customers develop ground breaking micro-engineered medical devices. Every device that Minifab develops represents a new break-through in medical technology that changes the way medicine is practiced around the world.

Aside from his experience in commercialising leading edge technology, Mr Holthouse brings with him an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit as well as track record of successful capital raising. Both will be key to Minifab’s continued global expansion.

“Shaun brings an important new dimension of experience and energy to the Minifab board as we continue to expand globally,” said board chairman, Michael Wilkinson.

“Minifab and Catapult Sports share a lot in common. They both began as tech start-ups that are expanding globally. Both businesses specialise in micro-engineering and the manufacturing of game changing products,” he said.

Mr Holthouse is equally thrilled at the appointment.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I’m always looking for that next opportunity and that next challenge,” said Mr Holthouse.

“The medical diagnostics market is driven by innovation and disruption, both things that really love to be involved with,” he said.

“The products coming off the production lines at Minifab are just amazing. Imagine, a critical blood test that used to take days and involve a whole lab’s worth of equipment now takes just minutes with one of these products, and the whole thing might be as small as a credit card. That’s game changing.” Mr Holthouse said.

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