About Minifab

About Minifab

We are the experts in microfluidic product design, development and manufacturing.

We have just one mission - to be the best in the world at creating success for you.

16 years, thousands of projects and millions of products delivered around the world.

We are a contract engineering firm providing custom development and manufacture of disposable polymer microfluidic and microengineered products.

We were established in 2002 and are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in the United States and Europe.

Our internationally-renowned team of engineers, bioscientists and manufacturing experts have completed thousands of projects with clients worldwide.
Microfluidic point of care test

Quick facts

MiniFAB head office
  • Established in 2002
  • Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia
  • Satellite offices in Europe, US
  • Part of the SCHOTT group
  • Over 30 languages spoken in-house
  • People with over 300 years of combined micro-tech experience
  • Multi-disciplinary including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, material science and commercialisation
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified
  • 6000sqm building space
  • 800sqm cleanrooms
  • 200sqm biolab areas
  • GMP

Our core expertise is in microfluidic systems and lab-on-chip solutions for point-of-care (POC), laboratory, and in-field applications. We deliver custom solutions into diverse markets including diagnostics and medical devices, environmental monitoring, food packaging and aerospace.

Our company culture is all about delivering for the client. Working together is what we do best. Our friendly and professional team integrates seamlessly with your team, leading to efficient project management and ultimate success. You can expect us to distinguish ourselves by having a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and creative individuals with extensive international experience all working within our 5950sqm facility.

This means that everything from the prototyping, testing, manufacturing and packaging is performed under one roof, and all within an ISO 13485:2003 environment. With our team on project your concepts are converted into reality faster and more cost-effectively. Our proven ability to solve significant and complex technical challenges enables clients to capitalise upon key intellectual property, add value to portfolios, and enhance market competitiveness.

Think big and we'll partner with you to make it happen.