Ed Wilkinson

VP Minifab USA & Head of Strategy

Ed heads our North America office and is responsible for business development and account management. Minifab adopts a partnership mentality in all engagements, and Ed’s blend of technical and commercial experience allows him to become a trusted advisor to our customer’s executive teams.

Ed started his career as an Engineer at Minifab working on some of our first microfluidic cartridges. After 8 years with the firm, he left to join Bain & Company as a management consultant. In his time at Bain Ed worked on business growth strategy, performance improvement and sales operations cases with companies in the consumer products, technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In 2016, Ed jumped at the opportunity to return to Minifab and setup the San Francisco office.

Ed has Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Law from Monash University, and a MBA from Stanford University.

Ed Wilkinson
Ed WilkinsonVice President Minifab USA & Head of Strategy