Dieter Cronauer

General Manager, Europe

Dieter joined Minifab in April 2017. He is responsible to set up and grow the Minifab Excellence Center in Europe. Dieter has a broad technical and commercial background and has worked over 12 years in the medical diagnostic field.

Dieter has a Diploma in Technical Physics from Kaiserslautern University. He started his career as a Project Engineer, designing wind tunnel for 7 years. Hereinafter he took various BD and Management positions before he served as an Executive for a Micro-fluidics and Point of Care Diagnostics company.  

Dieters focus is business growth and setting-up the operation in Europe. With more than 11 year of experience in the field and market insight he is a trusted partner for Minifab clients. 

Dieter Cronauer
Dieter CronauerGeneral Manager, Europe